My name is Rebecca Wralstad and together with my husband, Kristian, we are creating Kozy Kove LLC for our neighborhood.  With his extensive experience as a barista and coffeeshop manager added to my decade plus of experience in teaching and afterschool programs, Kozy Kove is our way of combining our talents and finding meaningful work close to home.

Richmond, CA

Our Core Beliefs:

1.  We believe quality family time is the time of our lives.

2.  We believe great satisfaction comes from making something with our own hands.

3.  We believe there is a project, craft, or recipe perfect for every day of the year.

4.  We believe that communities, both online and down the street, enrich our worlds.

Online:  We want to foster creativity, do-it-yourself attitude, and fun hands-on activities for children of all ages (including adults that love to craft – like me!).  The blog will feature photographs, crafts, DIY projects, recipes, quotes, inspiration, and encouragement.

In Our Community:  In the near future we plan to open a toy store / coffee cart.  Our goal for the brick and mortar store is to provide a comfortable atmosphere where commuters can grab coffee, everyone can find a delicious treat, children of any age can play, and families can have fun together.

Kozy Kove LLC


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