After being a scratching post, part of a chicken coop, and tossed out with the trash, can an old bulletin board find a new life?  All it took was three easy steps!

Recently two kittens came to stay in my office while waiting for their forever homes.  During that time they made themselves at home by climbing all over my bookshelves and using an old bulletin board as a scratching post.  When the pair, named Jagger and Lady Jane, went home with a dear friend it was time to clean up and figure out something to do with the destroyed bulletin board.  First it found its way outside to where it sat next to the recycling bin.  Then, on a hot day, it was used to provide shade for our two chickens as they strutted around the front yard.  Finally it went to the top of the driveway with the recycling bin where a strong bay breeze took it off the top of the bin and deposited it in some bushes.

My husband and I drove by it twice before it occurred to me how easy it would be to revamp and reuse the poor old abused bulletin board.  He rescued it for me from the blackberry bushes and I went through the following easy steps for a new and pretty bulletin board.

1.  Cover the backing with contact paper.  Due to the kitten scratchings, I had to use an Xacto knife to scrape it down to an even surface.  I chose two colors of contact paper to give the bulletin board new dimensions.Image

2.  Add two cork trivets (a 3-pack from Ikea is very inexpensive) replaced the scratched off push-pin space.  Small brad nails help the circles stay in place

3.  Attach the top of an old tin box for magnets.


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