Wine cork boards are a pleasing and practical detail for any kitchen, office, or home.  Instead of spending the money on the catalog or boutique versions that are cropping up all the way from Sonoma to supermarkets, its easy to recycle your own corks and make a board of your own.  The best part is preserving the memory of the wines you’ve enjoyed or vineyards you’ve visited.

1.  Choose a picture frame of any size.  Take out the glass and lay just the frame on your work space – a plastic place mat or tablecloth is a good idea as this project uses glue.

2.  Select corks and place them in rows inside your frame.  Corks come in my different sizes so this may take some rearranging.  Make sure that your rows are the same height across so your cork board has an even surface.

3.  To create the small shelf featured on my cork board, I cut champagne and wine corks in half and created a row that stuck out.

4.  Keeping the corks in the same order as they fit in the frame, remove them.  I used a shoebox top to keep my corks in the same order.

5.  Using white glue, begin by gluing one cork in the upper right hand corner then adding corks in rows.  Make sure you are placing the corks with the vineyard names visible.

6.  Once your corks are dry, carefully turn your frame over and Mod Podge the back to ensure the corks all stay in place.

7.  When the Mod Podge has dried, replace the backing on the picture frame, pick out your thumb tacks and enjoy your new cork board.

A small shelf on the bottom is the perfect place for keepsakes such as seashells.


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