One of the easiest fashion projects around is the DIY tee shirt scarf.  Three easy steps gets you ready to add your own flare for the most comfortable accessory you’ve every worn.  The best part about these scarves besides the comfort is the variety – you can match a tee-shirt scarf to absolutely any outfit.

1.  Choose a XXL tee-shirt or larger in your favorite color.

2.  Cut along the bottom of the tee-shirt.  For a thick scarf cut in a straight line just under the armpits, for a thinner scarf measure from the bottom and cut along a straight edge (recycled cardboard is a great guide for your scissors).  It’s up to you if you want to keep the bottom hem as a detail on your scarf.

3.  Stretch the fabric.  I normally sit in a chair, put my foot into the tee-shirt loop and pull up with my arms.  Tee-shirt material is very stretchy and you can always test the scarf length throughout the process.

4.  Add details.  Cutting half the loop into strips gives the affect you see on my gray scarf.  I added the pink details by painting on polka dots with fabric paint.  Sewing on fabric scraps to make flowers or adding any kind of pin is a nice final touch.


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