These lovely candles are an easy detail we used at our romantic beach wedding.  They made the perfect center additions and were great take home favors for our guests.  With all the stress of preparing for a wedding, these candles were an easy and quick project that ended up being a favorite decoration.

1.  Select a variety of beach, water, sand, and sea shell scrapbook paper.  Don’t forget to pick out plain pieces too – I chose blue and gold to accent our wedding colors.

2.  Gather together the following: pinking shears, scissors, double-sided tape, Mod Podge, and a paintbrush. I used Shimmer Mod Podge in gold.

3.  The candles themselves are the glass variety you can find in any supermarket.  I chose different heights so they would cluster well together on the tables.

4.  Cut out strips from your scrapbook paper and layer on the candle using the double-sided tape.  I found it easiest to work in stripes, mixing and matching the solid colors with the patterned scrapbook paper.

5.  Paint the Mod Podge over the top.  Two coats is enough to keep the paper in place.  You can also add glitter if you want more shimmer – it looks great by candlelight!


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